Physical-chemical treatment surface water - paper industry

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A client in the paper industry wanted to upgrade the efficiency and reliability of his existing surface water treatment system to produce production water. Novotec replaced the existing settling system by an installation capable op treating 250 m³/h of water by physical-chemical treatment. The plant consists of a large stirring flocculator with graviational feed towards a lamella separator. the needed coagulant is dosed by a dosing cabinet, while a polymer unit provides the necessary flocculant dosing. The incomming and outgoing water quality is monitored by turbidity measurement.

As a final polishing technique, a sand filtration installation is fitted after the lamella separator. The sand filtration with continuous sand bed washing, eliminates the final suspended solids. 

The fully automated plant, including inline measurements, pneumatic valves, pumps, etc. allows the client to direct the water flow any direction he wishes to - using or bypassing treatment steps according the incomming water quality.