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We focus on industrial water & sludge treatment

Armed with a rich experience in handling various types of water flows, Novotec offers tailor-made solutions. Depending on the composition of the water physical, physico-chemical or biological techniques, or a combination of both, are used.

Novotec is much more than just a production company. Together with the customer the Novotec technicians design the most optimal installation, construct the necessary parts, installs these on site, guides the installation, starts up and follows the installation on longer term.

Being a relatively small business, we are capable of adapting to any situation. In no time, we will propose a solution that perfectly meets the needs of our partners. 

After thorough preparation and testing, all our solutions are realized under own control, in order to assure the highest level of quality. 

Following implementation, we pay a lot of attention to providing proper follow-up, ensuring that all the installations will produce a maximu efficiency. 

All this is done at competitive prices. 


Novotec was founded in 2001. Together with several partners Novotec developed into a valued point of contact for our customers, looking for an optimized solution for their waste water problems.

Our vision

Engineering / design / pilot tests
Construction / turn key
Follow - up / support / service 

  • We offer solutions not just installations
  • We work in close relation with our customers in order
    to create the perfect solution for each specific case.
  • Every construction is tailor made – we don’t offer
    standard products.
  • We offer maximum flexibility – including incorporating
    our products in existing plants or adapting them.

Glenn Lowie - CEO at Novotec


To complete our range - we are distributor of following brands on the local market:

  • Flocmix - inline mixers
  • Pulsar - instrumentation
  • Weise - membranes

Weise Flocmix Pulsar