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Flotation unit



As one of Novotec’s most valued products, our line of flotation units is capable of treating many different types of waste water. Flotation units work on the principle of separation by gravity. By allowing a water flow to remain in the flotation unit for a specific time, the materials to be separated float to the surface. A scraper system continuously removes this floating layer, while the treated water is discharged.

Static oil separators use this principle to eliminate free oils and fats.

Aerated fat separators have a higher removal rate, due to the fact that coarse air bubbles are injected in the flotation unit, forcing more particles to float at the surface.

Our dissolved air flotation (DAF) units have an even higher efficiency. In this case, compressed air is dissolved in a water recycling stream. This stream is reinjected in the flotation unit, creating small air bubbles due to the rapid expansion of the pressure. The small air bubbles capture an even higher amount of particles.  


  • Very efficient technique
  • Continuous sludge removal
  • Separation by gravity
  • Low energy consumption
  • ….



NFS – static oil separator

NIF – aerated fat separators

NFU – Dissolved air flotation

NFP – dissolved air flotation with lamella packages

NFH – dissolved air flotation capable of treating high capacities

Bioflot – sludge flotation


Pretreatment of waste water, Physical chemically treated waste water, Sludge water from biological treatment systems

Industrial applications: Municipal water treatment, Agriculture, Agro industry, Recycling plants, Potato industry, Starch removal, Physical-chemical sludge separation …