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Pipe flocculator


The NPF pipe flocculator designed by Novotec is a mixing device used to inject chemicals in a waste water flow. The highly effective design includes pipe diameter changes and numerous bends, creating a turbulent water flow with excellent mixing properties. This avoids the need for additional energy input in order to get a good chemical reaction.

The standard NPF unit, constructed in chemical resistant Polyethylene, is fitted with the chemical dosing points, sample valves, drain valve and features a flanged design – making it easy to disassemble the unit for cleaning purposes.

Optional features such as retractable pH-probes and aeration points, create a device perfectly suited for use in physical-chemical treatment systems.

Coagulation, flocculation and pH correction are achieved in one single unit.


  • Compact design
  • Preassembled, plug and play design
  • Highly efficient mixing, without energy input
  • Uniform floc forming
  • Easy maintenance
  • ….


Physical chemical treatment, to be combined with a lamella separator, flotation unit or Squeez-R unit.  

Industrial applications: Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textile, Slaughterhouses, Fish and Meat, Dairy, Tank cleaning, Drinking water production, Municipal water treatment, …