Polymer preparation unit

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Polymer preparation unit


Novotec offers a wide range of polymer preparation units. All these units are intended to dilute a concentrated polymer powder or liquid polymer to a known concentration, ready to be used in a physical chemical treatment process or sludge dewatering system.

Depending on the customer’s choice, the polymer preparation can either be manual, batch produced or fully automatic.

Liquid concentrated polymers are diluted in 2 chamber systems, featuring a mixing compartment and a storage compartment. Clear water is fed to the system and, depending on the requested final concentration, a known amount of liquid polymer is injected. The mixer in the first compartment dissolves the polymer into the water. When ready, this solution flows to the second compartment – used as storage – from which it can be pumped into the process.

Powder polymers are diluted in 3 chamber units. The first compartment is used for active mixing of the powder into the water flow. In the second chamber, the solution is matured by additional mixing. The third chamber acts as storage chamber. Powder polymer units are fitted with a powder storage hopper and dosing screw. The unit doses know amounts of powder into the incoming clean water flow, controlled by the water panel.

Manual and batch units require operator interactions, where fully automatic units start the solution preparation cycle automatically whenever the start level is reached in the storage chamber. The automatic unit can be used for continuously polymer injection into treatment processes.    


  • Well controlled hydraulic retention and contact times
  • Mixing properties adapted to specific needs of the process
  • ….


NPU-1KV – Vertical 1 chamber system – manual/batch system

NPU-2KV – Vertical 2 chamber system – concentrated polymer liquid

NPU-2KH – Horizontal 2 chamber system – concentrated polymer liquid

NPU-3KH – Horizontal 3 chamber system – polymer powder


Physical chemical treatment, sludge dewatering

Industrial applications: Food & Beverage, Textile, Slaughterhouses, Fish and Meat, Dairy, Recycling industry, Transshipment terminals for ore and coal, Chemical industry, Tank cleaning, Drinking water production, …