Submerged Aerated Fixed Bed Reactor (SAF)

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Fixed Bed Bio Reactor

Submerged Aerated Fixed Bed Reactor (SAF)


The Biofix system engineered by Novotec  features aerated fixed bed technology. A carrier material is fitted into a bioreactor. The unit includes an aeration grid with external blower. Biomass accumulates on the carrier and treats the waste water which passes by. By dividing the reactor into different compartments, specific biology develops in each section. This phenomenon causes an environment where the excess biological sludge is degraded inside the bioreactor, resulting in a minimal sludge production.

The fixed bed biology is extremely adaptable and achieves excellent results in cases where both flow and charge of the water are variable.

The specific geometric design of the fixed bed, allows us to engineer performant systems with a limited surface demand. The technology can be implemented in all sorts of reactors, being concrete, plastic, containerized, underground or above the surface. The Biofix system adapts to nearly any type of circumstances.


  • Adapts easily to changing waste charge and water flows
  • Fixed bed technology
  • Reduced surface requirement
  • Durable, non-clogging carrier material
  • ….


Biological waste water treatment

Industrial applications: Food & Beverage, Textile, Carwash water recycling, Drinking water production, Municipal waste water treatment, Decentralized small scale waste water treatment, Houseboats, …