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Control Cabinets

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Our in house automatization department offers the possibility to build turn-key projects for our clients. Electrical engineering, production and programming are part of our projects. We adapt our command modules to the specific needs of the project and the client.

Our systems are controlled by PLC’s with touch screens and full visualization. Every part of the installation can be easily be checked, controlled and adapted. We offer the possibility to use remote control units, offering even more flexibility to both our clients and ourselves. Process monitoring and diagnosing can be done efficiently without even being on site.

Apart from our standard product range, Novotec has the ability to adapt the control cabinets to specific brand requests of the client.


  • Adapted to the specific needs of the installation and client
  • In-house engineering, optimal flexibility
  • ….


Pretreatment, Physical chemical treatment, Biological treatment, Sludge treatment, …  

Industrial applications: Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textile, Slaughterhouses, Fish and Meat, Dairy, Tank cleaning, Drinking water production, Municipal water treatment, …