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Stirring flocculator


Stirring flocculators are used in chemical treatment systems where longer contact between the medium to be treated and the chemicals is required. The NRF units, made of chemical resistant plastics, such as polyethylene or stainless steel, offer optimal user friendliness. Thanks to its optimized internal layout and suitable stirring unit, we assure that all of the water flow comes equally in contact with the dosed chemicals.  The unit is adapted to the intended use of chemicals and the physical properties of the flocs to be formed. Attention to the internal layout, assures that all of the water flow has been equally in contact with the dosed chemical.

Additional features such as pH-probes, chemical injection points, level detection devices can be installed for easy integration in the waste water treatment installation.


  • Well controlled hydraulic retention and contact times
  • Mixing properties adapted to specific needs of the process
  • ….


Physical chemical treatment, to be combined with a lamella separator, flotation unit or Squeez-R unit – precipitation of heavy metals  

Industrial applications: Recycling industry, Transshipment terminals for ore and coal, Chemical industry, Tank cleaning, Drinking water production, …