Lamella separator

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Lamella separator


Novotec designs and produces lamella separators, adapted to treat a wide range of waste waters. This unit consists of a clarifying tank fitted with lamella packages. Lamella separators are more compact, compared to a settler with the same capacity. It is intended to separate solids with a higher density than water. By creating laminar flow through the lamella packages, the solids are separated at a high efficiency without the need of a large ground surface area. The unit has no moving parts and works solely on the principle of separation by gravity. By fitting settling cones on the bottom, the separated sludge is collected. By means of pneumatic valves, the sludge is extracted from the sludge cones .

In case the waste water contains both settling and floating matter, the lamella separator can be fitted with an optional scraper system – allowing the floating layer to be removed continuously.


  • Reliable and proven technique
  • No moving parts
  • Compact design, compared to classic decantation tanks
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maintenance free
  • Wide variety of applications
  • ….


NLS-XF – cross flow system

NLS – CF – counter flow system

Lamella packages for existing settlers – replacement or capacity upgrade


Waste water containing particles with a higher density than water

Industrial applications: Municipal water treatment, Agriculture, Agro industry, Recycling plants, Potato industry, Starch removal, Physical-chemical sludge separation, Drinking water production …