Screw conveyors

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Screw conveyors


Pretreatment systems are especially designed to withhold coarse materials from waste water flows. The separated material has to be collected in a functional way in order to keep operational costs at a minimum. Novotec offers a wide range of conveyor screws capable of getting the materials where they need to be. Whether it is sludge, gravel, sand, debris,… the right conveyer screw will transfer it to the ideal storage place. Novotec can offer single drop point systems or automated distribution systems filling containers at several drop points. Even pivoting screws are part of our product range. 


  • Centralized collecting of solid waste deposits
  • Reliable and proven technique
  • Fully automated systems available
  • ….


Horizontal screw systems

Inclined screws

Pivoting screws

Screw dewatering units


Solid material collection from sludge dewatering, screen systems, sand separators, …

Industrial applications: Municipal water treatment, Agriculture, Agro industry, Recycling plants, …