Sand Filtration

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sand filtration

Sand Filtration


Novotec offers sand filtration units as polishing techniques for waste water effluents or surface water applications. These filters use the oldest natural treatment technique available. Sending water through a sand packages efficiently eliminates suspended solids.

Sand filters require regular cleaning, achieved by backwashing the sand package. When continuous treatment of the water flow is required, a duplex filter or counter flow washed filtration unit is proposed.

Fully automated, our units are autonomous and require little monitoring.


  • Fast and reliable filtration
  • Automatic, self-cleaning through backwash
  • Optimized design to avoid clogging
  • ….


Effluent from physical-chemical treatment or biological treatment systems

Industrial applications: Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textile, Slaughterhouses, Fish and Meat, Dairy Tank cleaning, Drinking water production, Municipal water treatment, Agriculture, …