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Pulsar Process Measurement

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Novotec is the official distributor of Pulsar Process Measurement’s products in Belgium.

Pulsar is one of the world leading companies in non-contacting level and flow measurement. They offer a wide array of ultrasonic measurement systems, starting from compact units for level detection in tanks over to complex pump control stations, flow measurement in open canals and weirs, sludge blanket detection and solid level detections.

Visit the Pulsar website at: https://www.pulsar-pm.com


  • Full array of non-contacting level and flow measurement
  • Optimal incorporation in our projects
  • Full technical support for our Belgian clients
  • ….


Pretreatment, Physical chemical treatment, Biological treatment, Sludge treatment, …  

Industrial applications: Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textile, Slaughterhouses, Fish and Meat, Dairy, Tank cleaning, Drinking water production, Municipal water treatment, …