Drum Screens

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Drum Screens



The Novotec drum screen unit offers the efficiency of a curved screen system with an even higher reliability and care free operation. Using the same type of filter treatment, the drum screen adds an automatic cleaning system. Water flows through the filter drum and coarse materials are retained. A motor turns the filter automatically, so it can be cleaned by a scraper unit. A supplementary spraying system keeps the filter mesh clear of any particles wedged in the mesh. The filter residue is collected  in a central container, without any need of manual intervention.


  • Fast and reliable filtration
  • Automatic, self-cleaning system
  • Capable of treating larger water flows and higher loads
  • Optimized design to avoid clogging
  • ….


Novotec offers two specific types

Type DSE – an external fed drum screen

Type DSI – an internal fed drum screen


Raw waste water flows

Industrial applications: Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textile, Slaughterhouses, Fish and Meat, Dairy Tank cleaning, Drinking water production, Municipal water treatment, Agriculture, …